Simple Meditation that sticks.

You want to feel more focused, happy and calm but meditation seems tedious. MindGarden turns consistent meditation into a beautiful garden.

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Your Own Mind Garden

Meditation isn't a sprint, it's a marathon. The more you meditate the more tiles are filled and the happier you become.

A Journal of Your Progress

Every meditation session, your mood, and gratitude is saved to your garden.

Anything worth doing in life takes time.

A 2015 study conducted by Yale University found that consistent meditation will help relieve anxiety and depression, improve attention, concentration, and overall psychological well-being.

Dedicated Mood Tracker

"What isn't measured, cannot be improved." Witness yourself getting happier everyday using MindGarden.

50+ Unique Beautiful Seedlings

Make your garden standout with flowers, fruits and other rare plants!

Daily Streaks & Bonuses

The more consistent you are with your mindfulness, the more you are rewarded!

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