Why Meditation Can Help with Focus

The human brain is not wired to work on parallel tasks simultaneously. But people love to multitask, which ultimately depletes the concentration level of the brain. According to Daniel Goleman, a noted science journalist and psychologist, the ability of the brain to recapture the level of involvement in an abandoned task after attending to another different task results is not the same. The more distractions around you, the less focused you are on your main task. Practicing 10-minute focus meditation helps turn the tide and improve your mental abilities.

🧘 What is focus meditation?

As the name suggests, focused or focus meditation involves concentrating your attention on internal (breath, word, or phrase) or external (an object, candle flame, sound of a gong) elements.

The goal of this kind of meditation is to anchor the mind to something and maintain awareness. It can be challenging for beginners, but once you get the hang of it, it is the simplest and easiest to access form of meditation. When the mind wanders off, simply return your attention to your object of focus and keep practicing.

🌞 Benefits you get from focus meditation

Focus meditation helps students whose days are often packed with a lot of school activities. Practicing meditation supports the development of structures in the brain that are instrumental to attention and memory functions. As the brain alters itself, the memory becomes better and the concentration becomes sharper. This translates to improved knowledge retention, better performance on exams and in class, a higher level of metacognition that predicts academic success, and more resiliency.

🚀 Simple meditation techniques to improve your focus

  • Listen to your breathing
  • Use a mantra to help you focus your mind
  • Sit still and focus on controlling your body

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