📝 Description

MindGarden is a gamified meditation app that aims to make our users 1% happier everyday. Features include the ability to track mood, add a daily gratitude and the ability to create a beautiful virtual garden by consistently meditating.

🌱 What makes us different

“If [more] information was the answer, then we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs.” - Derek Sivers. Apps like Calm & Headspace are both billion dollar companies that invest heavily in their curriculum and educating their audience. Every meditation app that has come after them continues to do the same thing. How are children able to memorize hundreds of Pokemon names, types and items yet fail to memorize the periodic table? The answer is gamification, the act of turning a relatively boring and unappealing task into something enjoyable. The act of meditation should obviously be enjoyable in it of itself however the reality is it takes weeks sometimes months before most people see any results from meditation. In this day and age of instant gratification, the people who are willing to do this are very few. However begin to add a feeling of mastery and progression you may feel in a game and retention rates will sky rocket.

📒 Fact sheet


Founder, Developer & Designer: Dante Kim
Meditation Coach: Sean Fields (Consultant 10+ years of experience)


IOS 14.0+ - iphone/ipads
Web app:
coming soon
Android app:
coming soon


Free to download. Premium membership that gives you access to the full library of meditations and cloud storage. Free members are also limited to 30 meditations, gratitudes and mood checks.